Healthier Homemade Hummus {Clean Eating}

Thanks to all of you who have been asking questions, commenting and requesting recipes! It's been a lot of fun connecting with you! In the last week there have been many new subscribers to my YouTube channel and website and loads of new followers on Facebook and Twitter. It's been wonderful to help people from all over North America, the UK etc. with healthier food choices and inspiring recipe ideas. I hope you will continue to share the recipes that you are enjoying so you can inspire others.

Several of you saw my recent picture of homemade Hummus on Instagram and requested the recipe. Well, here it is! This is a very simple recipe, but the beauty of hummus is that you can be as creative as you want to be! You can mess around with all kinds of ingredients and amounts of ingredients till you find the favorite creation(s) for you and your family...the possibilities are endless! This video features the basic variety and my favorite addition. The added beauty of making your own hummus at home is the fact that you can also leave out ingredients with which you have an intolerance and you will save a lot of money in the long run if this is something you eat on a regular basis.

Hummus is one of the few truly guilt-free food items that you can chow down on and know that you are getting lots of fiber and nutrients without a lot of calories. So, make your big batch and dig in!

2 c Chickpeas (1 full can or 2 c prepared from dry on stove or in the crockpot)
1/2 c reserved chickpea liquid (or water if you forget to reserve)
Olive Oil (a drizzle or more!)
At least 2 Tbs of fresh lemon juice
6 cloves of roasted garlic (or more or less according to your preference) 
Optional Add-ins:
Roasted Red Peppers
Tamari Sauce
Fresh or Dried Herbs
Peanut Butter

Place all basic recipe ingredients in a food processor.
Process for a minute or 2 adding the liquid as needed to get the right consistency.
Remove basic hummus if desired as a base for any other add-ins.
Add in your optional ingredient of choice and process until desired consistency is reached.
Enjoy with fresh veggies, rice crackers, on salads or in sandwiches!

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

I am currently in Phase 3 of my 3rd week on The Fast Metabolism Diet and I am extremely pleased with my results thus far! I have only lost 5 pounds to date, but my energy is amazing, my tummy is flatter, my clothes fit better and I just feel all-around more chilled out and happier with food! I may have lost more, but honestly I haven't been on the scale because the other results have been so great, plus I'm drinking tons of water...I feel like if I get on the scale it will just disappoint me. We know when we feel good and look good and sometimes the number on the scale doesn't reflect that. :)

For those of you entering Phase 3 this recipe comes along at the perfect time. It is the perfect compliment to all those fresh veggies you're eating! And I can't stress enough how cost-effective this is.

Being healthy with the family!
HUGE thank you to all my friends and followers who were so encouraging of my previous blog post. It was difficult to be that transparent, but I felt it was necessary in order to properly convey the difference from where I was to where I am today...enjoying good food in a healthy way. Most likely we all have a bit of a love/hate relationship with food and it can be a daily struggle to eat well and not feel guilty. God gave us good food and we NEED it to survive! I am so thankful to Haylie Pomroy for introducing me to a way to heal my metabolism and allow food to work for me, not against me so I can have a truly healthy existence along with enjoying my family and friends!

I encourage all of you in moving toward a cleaner way of eating, removing processed foods from your kitchen, throwing calorie counting out the window and nourishing your bodies in the best possible way! Once you embrace a more nutritious lifestyle you will find that you will NOT feel deprived of delicious eats especially as you become more excited and creative in your food preparation. I do hope that the recipes and ideas I share with you help in that journey.

What kind of hummus variations will you try? Please comment and let me know! I want to be inspired by all the creativity. Also, check out the link to a survey near the top of this page. I am going to be providing some cooking classes in the Chatham area very soon and would appreciate your feedback!

Treat yourself well!