A Mother's Day Tribute {Godly Examples}

This is the post from my amazing Hubby that I woke up to this morning:

When you get married most people know they've found a good partner, but there's really no way of knowing what kind of parent that person will be until you have kids. I am truly blessed to have married someone who turned out to be an incredible mom! Happy Mother's Day, Becca, your THREE boys love you more than words can express
am SO blessed with these boys! It truly is an honor to be their mom. When I was younger, I'm not sure why, but I always had a feeling that I would one day be the mom of boys. I never had a desire for a girl of my own (this is a very real desire for some however and I have celebrated with these women when that desire had been granted...you know who you are!) Then I married a Groombridge and found out really quickly that the odds of having a girl were pretty much nil and that was A-OK in my book! Of course that didn't make it any easier picking out names for our precious boys. We had a heck of a time settling on Kaiden's name, but once we did we loved it! Then I had "Kate" picked out for baby #2 and the only disappointment in finding out we were having another boy was figuring out another boy name when it had been so difficult the first time! Of course, we wouldn't change a thing...Kaleb is definitely the ham in our little family sandwich and he keeps us all laughing on a daily basis!

This is my first Mother's Day post as a new blogger, but already I have shared with you all little stories from my childhood about how diligently my Mom worked to keep my brother and I from being sick all the time. If you missed that post you can click here to see it and here is the recipe that I shared in that post. Make it, I insist...it's delicious!!!

I can appreciate hugely what my mom went through because of how I am choosing to raise my little guys. I am blessed in that all my boys (including my supportive husband) truly and honestly love the foods that I prepare for them and they appreciate the lengths I go to in feeding them in a healthy way. They have expressed to me in many ways their appreciation and I am truly thankful.

Every day, but especially today, I would like to thank my mom in particular and all the "moms" in my life who have been wonderful examples of what it means to be Godly wives and mothers to their families. Life can go all sorts of ways, but I am extremely thankful for the examples God has placed in my life so that I am able to model my own life after theirs and strive to be the very best wife and mom that I can be to my three boys.

My Mom Mary Ellen ~ Loved, prayed for and supported me always!
3 Generations!
My Grandma, Frances who has always prayed for and supported me as well
is now 93 years old!
My Mother-in-law, Audrey whom I met later in life and
who continues to support me as I raise her grandsons!
There are other women who have spoken into my life including my other Grandma, Maxine who has gone on to be with our Saviour. There's Randee, Connie, Teri, Pat just to make a few, who have all been wonderful examples to me as mothers and friends. I pray for all of you and thank you for the relationships we share.

Beginning this Fall we will be schooling our boys at home. This is a going to be a large undertaking and new responsibility as a mom and I'm sure it will take a good dose of patience on a daily basis! But, thanks to a wonderful established curriculum with A Beka Academy, my human calculator of a husband and the support of family, friends and a large Homeschooling local community, I trust that we are going to have a very successful experience and we are all extremely excited for this new adventure in our lives!

Thank you, Kirk for giving me the boys we are raising together, for being such a supportive husband and for appreciating my efforts. And most of all, thank you for being a man after God's own heart as you lead our family spiritually as you were called to do. I couldn't be the mom that I am if you weren't here as the head of our household. 

Now it's time to get all the boys up and going so we can head to church together. I know a lot of moms get to sleep in and have breakfast in bed, but I am not one of those moms and I don't say that in a bad way...I enjoy getting up earlier and having some time by myself before everyone gets going and that's no different on special days like today. That kind of morning is more of a gift to me than being waited on so don't feel badly for me! :-) (although if the sink were miraculously emptied of all the dishes that would be super haha!) I make my own breakfast and the special breakfasts for the boys. I enjoy that and look forward to it. They treated me to a day together and a dinner out last night and it was wonderful! Later on today we will have Kirk's parents over for a Mother's Day dinner and for dessert I will be making Kirk's favorite...my Berry Custard Trifle! That recipe I will be sharing at a later date, probably around Kirk's birthday because it has become the traditional birthday treat for his July birthday when it's hot out and we want something deliciously cold! I have recently adjusted my already yummy recipe it to make it gluten and dairy free so stay tuned!

big thank you and Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the mothers out there! I hope you enjoy your day with your families and feel as special as I do!

Treat Yourself well,