Welcome to Not Deprived

Welcome to what I hope will be a very inspirational blog about health, wellness and fitness! I've become quite obsessed passionate about finding healthy ingredient substitutions as I strive to feed my family well. I've also received loads of encouragement from fellow mothers, workout buddies and my always supportive husband to start both this blog as well as a YouTube channel in which to share the beneficial information I have gleaned from much research (first video below). I get great enjoyment from encouraging others in their wellness goals and I love to see people succeed in their efforts! 

For several years now I have found myself on this journey toward a more balanced and healthy life. In doing so I, along with my whole family have come to the realization that choosing to eat in a healthful way does not mean we are depriving ourselves of great-tasting food! On the contrary, we have found this new lifestyle to be an incredibly flavorful experience! It's been fun for the kids too...our 5 year old loves to help Daddy in the summer garden and our 9 year old likes to know details about nutrition. They both help in the kitchen and are thrilled that Daddy has become such a fantastic sushi chef! 
don't claim to be an expert in all things involving fitness and nutrition. I simply want to share what has worked for me, as well as people I have known to be successful in their wellness goals. 

Personally, I have gone from a couch potato...to working out and counting calories...to discovering the best foods and workouts that will benefit my body so I can stop worrying and just enjoy life. We've heard for so long, "calories in calories out" when trying to lose weight, but unfortunately we don't hear much about good calories vs. bad calories. Realizing that the fat and calories from a cup of almonds are very different from fat and calories from a bag of chips can really help in changing our mindset from "being on a diet" (this never works in the long-term!) to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. An important thing to note is that healthy eating habits and a good activity level go hand in hand if you are working toward a wellness goal. I did not see the results I was after until I combined both on a regular basis. 

One of the best ways to feel inspired is to have a partner who can encourage you. So find someone that has similar goals and work out together, stay accountable to each other and you will have that much more success...and lots of fun along the way!

In searching for natural ways to treat certain health conditions, ridding our bodies of what they don't need has led our family to go gluten and mostly dairy-free at this point in our journey. This most recent nutritional choice is still in it's early experimental phase, but already there is an amazing difference in how we feel both physically and mentally. I'll go into more on that later so stay tuned...

I chose the title of "Not Deprived" because the first thing most people think when they start eating in a more healthy manner is that they can't eat this and can't eat that; and they start to feel as if they are depriving themselves of all the food they used to enjoy. The bottom line, and what I hope you take away from this, is that you can lead a healthy lifestyle, you can eat a healthy diet, you can say no to things that do not benefit you in your goals. And you CAN do all these things and still not feel deprived! There are so many delicious recipes out there just waiting for you to try and, in turn, realize that good-for-you food can taste good and in many cases, taste much better. The longer you put good things in your body, the easier it becomes, the better you feel, and you find the cravings for what you used to eat subside. Trust me, it just takes time. It may not be easy at first and it may cause more work for you and your family, but in time it gets easier and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

I hope you'll begin and continue on this journey with me! Check out the videos that we will post on a regular basis, share with your friends and connect with me via Email or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Treat yourself well!