{Becca's Healthy Hints} Korean Corn Chips

It can be frustrating enough trying to determine if certain ingredients are safe for a gluten-free diet when the list of ingredients are in English...but what if they're not? A little determination (and the internet) can go a long way...

In this video you will meet Felix...he is a Korean student whom we have had the pleasure to host for 2 months while he has been studying in Canada. He has been attending Chatham Christian School along with our own boys and it has been a wonderful experience all around! His family was nice enough to send 2 packages loaded with Korean food and snacks. This made Felix very happy to have some familiar treats (although he has been very good to eat everything I make for him!), but it has also been fun for Kaiden and Kaleb to try new things. However, this was right at the time that Kirk and I had decided together to do this gluten-free lifestyle and here we were presented with loads of food items that were either very obviously NOT GF, or we were simply unable to tell because ALL the ingredients and packaging were written in Korean!  Read on after this quick "Healthy Hints" video for more on our experience and searching process.

We have this amazing resource these days in the Internet. Of course, we have to be on our guard as with anything else in our day to day lives and especially in the lives of our children, but if used correctly, it can be a wonderful tool. For instance, we have been able to communicate with Felix's family on a weekly basis in South Korea for free using Skype and Facetime! It has been nice to be able to see his parents and sister and learn about them as well. Of course, when you are building relationships with people from another culture, the last thing you want to do is offend them when they are being so generous! However, when you've made a dietary decision for health reasons and especially if you have Celiac Disease, it's important to know each and every ingredient in the food you are consuming. This was something I was struggling with greatly, but thanks to Kirk, we were able to search and find information which allowed us to try certain items and know which ones from which to steer clear. We were glad that there were many items of which we could partake.

In the above video, I pointed out a website on the bag and said that this was how Kirk acquired the information...this wasn't entirely the truth and I apologize if I led you astray. What actually occurred: Kirk did visit that particular website, but was unable to find any ingredients in English so it was no help. However, simply Googling the Brand name in English led him to a website that had a complete list of all the ingredients in English and we were able to quickly determine that the snacks eaten in the video were gluten-free. We knew they were corn chips from the picture on the packaging, but due to having found wheat flour/starch in some pretty unbelievable products lately, I have come to the conclusion that one can never be too careful when it comes to additives. They did send us some rice and fish as well and we have all been able to enjoy! We have been able to sample some of the other snack items as well using the same searching technique and what we haven't been able to eat, our boys have, and they definitely have some favorites!

It has been a wonderful experience having Felix in our home and we are very grateful for his family's generosity. He leaves us at the end of the month to rejoin his family in South Korea and he will be missed. We hope that we are still able to keep in touch with he and his family and hope that he knows he is always welcome to come stay with us again. I am glad that Felix was able to star in this short video...his parents have seen the others and say they would like to come to Canada and try some of the recipes. :-) We would welcome them for sure!

Thank you again for your support of this adventure! Every day I hear or read about someone trying one of the recipes and how they enjoyed it! (This is the one I hear about the most so check it out: Chewy Granola Bars) Please continue to share and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I would love to hear from you so feel free to connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. Stay tuned for more recipes and Healthy Hints to come! Until next time...

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